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Every aspect of living in Los Angeles, for people who care about their city, their streets, and their homes.
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Looking for a great Wednesday read? Check out this story from @CurbedLA about the LA River and its role in water u…
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@WaterForLAC @CurbedLA
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.@Blake_S_Davis: maybe cut back on the replies to @WaterForLAC. Instead, point out how much of a joke they are. E.g., all the gallons to make a cup of coffee are in places with abundant rainfall that we'd never see a drop of. It's absurdly childish deception.
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It's easy to laugh at idiots like @CurbedLA, but it's better to discredit them. They want to be PC enforcers, make it cost. #tcot #tgdn #sgp
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.@CurbedLA: Sterling doesn't have buildings in mostly white areas of Valley or South Bay. Is he anti-white? #LosAngeles #OccupyLA #tcot #sgp
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Per idiots at @CurbedLA (i.e. Adrian Glick Kudler) "{Donald] Sterling is [tenacious] in his bigotry" cuz his bldngs aren't south of the 10.