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Founded in 1912, our mission is to educate the next generation of journalists and uphold standards of excellence in journalism.
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From @ironworker1
New column in The Hil from Joe - pls share. @USCAnnenberg @columbiajourn @mikeallen…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ironworker1: the way to fight a reliance on emotionalism is by example. Will you help make this plan a reality? (Note: the plan is ideology-neutral: if you can make a valid argument for or against something, you can use the plan).
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From @burgessev
My 2016 travels have taken me from Silver Spring with Rand last week to Little Rome today with Rubio. #Blessed
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From @jtomassini
@burgessev can I get a link to your pinboard with all the #memories?
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From @burgessev
@jtomassini no but I can provide you with my smart trip card, a vivid reminder of the trail for me
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From @jtomassini
@burgessev is it worn, as a symbol of #thegrind?
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@jtomassini: @burgessev isn't much of a reporter: Is that how @ColumbiaJourn does things too? #Politico #tcot #ows