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POLITICO congressional reporter.
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.@jtomassini: @burgessev isn't much of a reporter: Is that how @ColumbiaJourn does things too? #Politico #tcot #ows
.@burgessev: which would reduce number of kids dying in the desert: the "hardline" Vitter plan or plans that would keep border kids here?
.@burgessev: in that, you call a David Vitter plan to speed up deportations of border kids "hardline".
.@burgessev: you ignored all requests to correct your lie: Now, I'd like to ask about "Cruz to visit the border".
.@Krhawkins5: you seem to think @burgessev is a real reporter. He isn't, won't correct his deception: #immigration
.@bimfred1: hi Grace. @burgessev isn't much of a reporter: Encourage better reporting by not enabling him. #tcot
.@LisaMarieBoothe: does "2 senators seek fewer deportations" (to which @burgessev contributed) mislead about deportation stats, yes or no?
.@LisaMarieBoothe: expecting @burgessev to do anything like real reporting is a lost cause: #Politico #gop #tcot
.@jonward11: @burgessev said Obama increased deportations: Even #LATimes admits that's a lie, but he won't correct.
.@burgessev: hey Burgess, when will you try your hand at real reporting rather than misleading: ? #Politico #tcot
.@BresPolitico: hey John, can you ask @burgessev when he'll correct one of his Big Lies: ? #Politico #immigration
.@burgessev: to help you decide, check out and how I use it. You've got your own: #Politico
.@burgessev: your name is on "2 senators seek fewer deportations" (Politico) which misleads about deportation stats. When will you correct?