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Music, politics, architecture, urban planning, foreign affairs, policy, maps, history, etc, and trying to make my thoughts meet a draconian character coun..
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From @jialynnyang
Striking how many of these reporters who lost their jobs were covering their hometowns. Places they knew better tha…
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From @Brad_Dietz
@jialynnyang @fuckcancer56 Tragic. Like companies that replace well-paid workers who also have critical & hard-won…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Ironically, Jia & all other "reporters" are owned by Big Big titans who do what you decry. See my wine cave post for one example. MT @Brad_Dietz [like Big Biz firing workers w/ experience for lower-priced workers] MT @jialynnyang [MSM mythologizing via fired local "reporters"]