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Tacoma, WA
licensed mental health counselor LMHC. I’m not famous and not trying to get famous on twitter. I just want to speak truth to power and serve the people.
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From @billyeichner
There is no doubt in my mind that Tulsi Gabbard would join The Masked Singer.
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From @adigdn
@billyeichner I don’t know the show you are referring to and yes, Tulsi might need to find another line of work.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
How are those like Eichner doing at "speaking truth to power" [from your bio]? I'd say "The Resistance" is insane - they keep doing the same thing expecting a different result - except they haven't even conceived of a result. MT @adigdn MT @billyeichner [useless Tulsi joke]