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Writer-at-large, @NYMag - @WilsonSchool and @BoschFellowship alum. And all around us is a great, great failing.
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.@AlanLevinovitz: do you think my Aug 2016 tweet to @jessesingal is way off base or on the bag?
Actually, who cares either way? MT @jessesingal [I could get $2,000 in donations a month by not tweeting] -- lots of pent-up demand
Says this guy: MT @jessesingal ...These folks [mboyle1 etc] are such pathetic hacks...
.@ToddGitlin: Milo isn't a "white supremacist" as @DonLemon said. Even @JesseSingal gets what he really is. #CNN #AltRight
.@jessesingal: see 2016 tweets: @brandondarby
.@jessesingal: re your 9/2015 blog on @brandondarby targeting a complete nobody (over Goforth), Darby didn't help Trump do better re Curiel.
.@jessesingal: Bannon isn't as @JuddLegum smears, & what Trump'd do on #immigration isn't that different from Obama, Hill, GWB, etc.
MT @jessesingal RT @JuddLegum Give Trump a chance [Names white nationalist chief strategist].. Give [Pledges to deport 3 million]
.@jessesingal: it's the "thinking" of those like the corporate-funded @JuddLegum that led to the loss to Bozo and that continue to help him.
.@jessesingal: if you'd had to work as a crop picker or WalMart clerk, etc. wouldn't you hype better policies? #UrgeElitesToDoFarmWork #VZ
.@HealeyParera: as a prof, aren't you smart enough to realize those like @jessesingal just help Trump? Please raise the bar. #NYMag
.@jessesingal: some/many Trump fans can (unlike you) relate to not being able to pay their bills. Congrats on helping Trump again! #tcot
Why @jessesingal shouldn't make policy: #WaMo @KDrum @GStuedler #immigration #p2 #tlot #TopProg #OWS #Occupy #OO