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Christina L Gaffney
St. Charles, Illinois
Retired US Army. Impeachment Supporter. Person of Action over Words. I Never Ride the Fence & I'm Not Afraid of Which Side of it I'm On. Hate Trump. Buttigieg!
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From @ChrisCuomo
This moment will tell us a lot. I hope that we are surprised. I hope that the outcome doesn't just meet our lowest…
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From @clagaffney
@ChrisCuomo This issue is about Abuse of Power. It's not about Trump or your Party. It is about Abuse of Power, the…
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.@clagaffney: @ChrisCuomo has repeatedly claimed most drugs come through ports of entry. Just now, @AmyKremer tried to claim Trump's lunkhead border plans would reduce the flow of drugs. Cuomo didn't say a word. In fact, he didn't challenge anything she said.