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Wick Flair
Zombie Land
Stand for something..... Or fall for anything #LetsBuild #Resist
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From @SarahBurris
Pitiful. What is wrong with him? CNN panel explodes in anger as Rick Santorum defends assault weapons after latest…
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From @ChuccWicc
@SarahBurris He’s ok with people being shot to death in mass shootings. No other way to see it.
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From @plazmaorb
@ChuccWicc @SarahBurris Or a shill for the NRA
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@plazmaorb: does availability of guns result in mass shootings? If you said yes, explain why there were no non-crime-related mass shootings that I can find in all the years machine guns were freely available. P.S. @SarahBurris mocks Odessa mayor, who's shrewder on the issue.