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Old London Town
Libertarian, free marketeer & business consultant. I believe in personal liberty, capitalism and a small state. #StandWithHK
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From @melissakchan
My piece β€” I felt it was time to talk more about the Hong Kong diaspora β€” those of us who left, and what we owe to…
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From @chithecynic
@melissakchan Great piece, Melissa. Similar feelings are expressed by the diaspora here in the UK.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@chithecynic: more recently, @melissakchan blogs about a nearly two decades old Trudeau pic. Billions around the world are food insecure, millions die in wars, pols constantly lie & get away with it, trillions are grifted around the world, but she blogs about an 18-year-old pic.