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Lubbock, TX
Talk Show Host, #TexasTech Alum. On-Air mornings 8:30-11 on NewsTalk 95.1 FM/790 AM @KFYO. @Cubs @DallasCowboys Enjoy politics, sports, cigars, whiskey & life.
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So many Trumpers who fell in love with the guy for his stance on immigration. I can't help but laugh now.
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From @bales0123
@ChadHastyRadio @Hardline_Stance How did he change? The media is spinning again. Suckers!
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From @Hardline_Stance
@bales0123 Trump just did a 180 on immigration. Canceled immigration speech. Did sit down with Fluffer Hannity & said he's open to AMNESTY
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Hardline_Stance @bales0123: use Trump's "softening" to discredit his fans: Scott Adams, @JustinRaimondo, McEnany, etc. #Trump2016 #tcot