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Christine Fisher
Portland, ME
Freelance writer. Tech, Science and Space. @Engadget + @AeroAmMag.
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From @IgorBonifacic
.@cfisherwrites showing everyone how it's done. She wrote two super time-sensitive posts back-to-back and in about…
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From @cfisherwrites
@IgorBonifacic Thanks for the shout-out! What was a slow news day changed very quickly haha
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@cfisherwrites: hi Christine. Twitter lies to millions (most of them not U.S. cons) via ghosting. They ghost ~1/2 the replies to *Rouhani* (see my pinned tweet). @IgorBonifacic doesn't know/care. He thinks a co that lies to millions should decide which tweets are truthful.