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Carlos del Rio
Atlanta, GA
Executive Associate Dean for Emory at Grady; co-Director of Emory CFAR. Passionate about health equity. Posted opinions are own. RT not endorsements.
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.@CarlosdelRio7: is @sarahkliff demanding WH correspondents really press Trump officials on specific milestones, or is she just blogging clickbait that those like you enable? As Emory health official you have fiduciary duty to demand she does that. Are you going to do your duty?
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From @sarahkliff
Washington, D.C. would need to nearly double available hospital beds in a moderate coronavirus outbreak scenario.…
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From @CarlosdelRio7
@sarahkliff We will all run out of beds simply because the bed capacity in the US is not enough to begin with. I a…
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.@CarlosdelRio7: since you obviously aren't smart enough to realize it, I don't know how to convince you of the fact @sarahkliff is *part of the problem*. Trump officials need to be really pressed on how many beds & how soon. Trump considering it isn't enough. What's Kliff doing?