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RT @24AheadDotCom_: .@CardPamcard @CxlTheClownShow: I told @ReaganBattalion how to stop Trump weeks ago: They won't…
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RT @ReaganBattalion: Dear Delegates: Would you get into a car with a driver appearing drunk without giving him a breathalyzer test? https:/…
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.@CardPamcard @CxlTheClownShow: I told @ReaganBattalion how to stop Trump weeks ago: They won't listen.
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From @tweet2u2
RT @CardPamcard: @ChristieC733 @DrMartyFox also, what's the rush? Reporter go 2 DC, stop lawmakers, ask them if they have read TPP? Okeefe?
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.@tweet2u2 @CardPamcard: asking pols questions is on the right track, just use much smarter questions. Can you come up with smarter Q's?