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Caleb Ecarma
vanity fair reporter @vfhive. previously @mediaite @usatoday. filipino-american. dual citizen. dm for signal or caleb_ecarma @ condenast dot com
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From @jerryiannelli
So @calebecarma got his hands on a court transcript in which Trump's former 2016 communications director, Jason Mil…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Miller blocked me for repeatedly showing him wrong on policy. You two lack the smarts, patriotism, & balls to go after him over something that actually matters to the USA. MT @jerryiannelli [pointless personal BS smear of Jason Miller from @calebecarma, that RTs]
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From @JordanUhl
In which GORKA gets triggered by a @jaredlholt tweet, sending CPAC into a spastic rage, threats to @calebecarma & a…
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From @JordanUhl
They literally put @calebecarma in the corner like he’s in time out. Incredible.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JordanUhl: #Mediaite banned me years ago for no real reason after brigading. Details on request. My banning & the near-banning of @calebecarma from #CPAC2019 come from the same strict authoritarian place. You don't oppose censorship unless you oppose it across the board.
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From @calebecarma
NEW by me -- CPAC Threatened to Ban Mediaite After Seb Gorka Complaint: ‘The F*cking Thinnest of F*cking Ice’
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From @HRHKatieCarroll
@calebecarma your coverage of cpac is the best part of cpac tbh
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HRHKatieCarroll: I was banned at #Mediaite for no real reason after I was brigaded. #CPAC2019 trying to ban @calebecarma is coming from the same place. You can't oppose one without opposing the other.