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Bryan Caforio
Santa Clarita, CA
CA-25 candidate fighting for working families, women's equality, immigrant rights, the environment, and so much more.
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Caforio shows lack of interest in Local SCV Issues @BryanCaforio @SteveKnight25 ; Amgen Tour of CA to SCV in 2017; @
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.@TheBeacon: @BryanCaforio also supports an anti-American bill: Make news! Ask him one of those questions.
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.@Ragcha: FYI, @BryanCaforio supports an anti-American bill that harms struggling students: #FlipItDem #CA25
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.@BryanCaforio: I'm still interested in volunteering, but I haven't heard back. Do you support the DREAM Act?
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.@BryanCaforio: I'm thinking of volunteering. Do you support the DREAM Act?