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New York, NY
Host of ‘CNN Newsroom w/ Brooke Baldwin’ 2-4pmET & Creator of ‘American Woman’ / ATLien in NYC / 🐑💙 / Mt. Kilimanjaro climber / Instagram: @BrookeBCNN 📸
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#CNN's @BrookeBCNN is ecstatic about the "diversity" of the Dem prez candidates vs 4 years ago. IOW, she's cheering for a lower percentage of whites - esp white males - running. They all agree, but she just doesn't like that many whites. Kinda like AltRight cheering for Croatia.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Yesterday, @BrookeBCNN told a fascist who "doxes" political opponents to keep up the good work. How's Trump helping oppose her? #MAGA