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E Pluribus Brian
Pawtucket, RI
I do JavaScript stuff, run around in the morning and play Legos with my wife. Star Trek person. He/him. #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #TYT
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From @ryangrim
That gun bill Democrats want McConnell to put on the Senate floor? They let @RepJoshG and his Problem Solver crew t…
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From @briancribb
@ryangrim @RepJoshG @aidachavez They always do this crap. We need to primary all of them.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@briancribb: @ryangrim is paid by a billionaire to push his Koch-style agenda (loose borders, free trade, globalism). Trump's very pro-Big Biz & his fans fall for it due to his shtick. Don't respond by falling for Grim's very pro-Big Biz shtick.