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Austin, TX
💥Actions speak louder than words💥 Love my Family, God & Country 🙏 Call It As I See It- no filters #Autism #Adoption 🔴🔴He's Our Prez -Get Over It #MAGA
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From @Marckymarc40
RT @bonniemurphy: How come it’s #Xenophobia #xenophobic when @realDonaldTrump says #immigration must be done legally - yet when Bill Clinto…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Neither really oppose it; both were just playing to the peanut gallery. Bubba is just smarter & slicker than Trump. #MAGA? MT @Marckymarc40 RT @bonniemurphy: How come it’s #Xenophobia when [Trump supposedly opposes illegal #immigration but not when Bubba supposedly did it]