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Smells Like Teen Statism
The Land of Hoagies & Cheesesteaks
Sarcasm laced logic enthusiast. Frequent devil's advocate. Salty Catholic veteran, libertarian. Aspiring to be quoted in twitter based news.
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From @LibertarianBlue
OK, it's time to settle this question. Which one is it:
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From @Communism_Kills
@LibertarianBlue Two, but Outlook apparently changes it to one. There used to be a bot on here that called everyone retards who used two.
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From @BlueEightySix
@Communism_Kills @LibertarianBlue Who would take the time to do that?
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From @Communism_Kills
@BlueEightySix @LibertarianBlue Well, it was a bot so it was automatic.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Communism_Kills: hi Ashley, @LibertarianBlue consistently deceives about Twitter censorship. See the real data at my top tweet. He falsely pretends only cons are impacted, greatly reducing the opposition to their censorship & greatly helping Twitter. Help make him useful.