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Black Plumes 1850
UK. The rainy bit.
Researching Victorian condolence letters. Illustrator of fauna, folklore and fuzz. Friend to small animals.
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From @rachaelmbade
MUST READ: S'mores, skeet shooting and impeachment: Trump opens up Camp David as an "adult playground" to woo GOP l…
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From @BlackPlumes1850
@rachaelmbade @lacunalingua @seungminkim @jdawsey1 Using Comic Sans is an act of violence.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump won because of people like you. You lack the patriotism to demand those who have access to Trump ask him tough *policy* questions. MT @BlackPlumes1850 [even more trivial, critiques the font on the Camp David sign!] MT @rachaelmbade [trivial blog about Camp David]