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#LessTaxesMoreKash - Kash for IL #RestoreIllinois
Illinois the corrupt cesspool
@KashJackson2018 Supporter. #1A #2A #Patriot #WalkAway #LessTaxesMoreKash #Libertarian #RejectJB #BootBruce
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From @billschutt
@KashJackson2018 has been #shadowbanned by twitter. Ignored by local media. Shunned by @LWVIL. But still has the mo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@billschutt: you say @KashJackson2018 has been #shadowbanned. ~100 million users are at risk of being shadowbanned. The only way to stop it is to stand with all of them & help reveal what Twitter actually does. Find a reporter to cover the real data at my pinned tweet.