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Stephen Harrison
Dallas, TX
Fan of quotes & Wikipedia (not necessarily in order). Written for Slate/WaPo/NY Times. Creating:
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.@harrisonstephen: for a tangible example, Jimmy Wales used #Wikipedia "Reliable Sources" rule to deceive WP readers about the David Rohde kidnapping by keeping a lie in and the truth out. Your life of sucking up to power rather than challenging it is a sham, Harrison.
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When you write a feature, lots of fun quirks and details get cut out. So here are a few outtakes from my…
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.@harrisonstephen: #Wikipedia - by their own fundamental rules - pushes the establishment line. NYT, WaPo, etc are considered unimpeachable "Reliable Sources", even when they lie by commission or omission. Non-"Reliable Sources" - even when more credible than NYT - are deleted.