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“I don’t mean you’re all going to be happy. You’ll be unhappy – but in new, exciting and important ways.” – Edwin Land
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Is anyone surprised that one of those who *dumbed* down the internet (@pmarca) has a site promoting cultcha-toxic gangsta rap to whites?
No surprise to me #Mozilla would release an update that stops the browser 100%. It took #Netscape / @pmarca / etc. 20 years to make it work.
.@pmarca: to *really* undercut Coulter, Kaus, etc., point out to #Teaparty & #tcot how fake they are. They could stop amnesty but refused.
.@pmarca: re: @KausMickey, many don't realize how fake he is. He's consistently refused to help smart plans to stop amnesty.
.@pmarca: 10 #immigration questions for Mark Zuckerberg: Imagine a lawyer asking him them for Youtube. Who'd win?
.@peteremcc @pmarca: approximately how many people on Earth are poorer than the average Mexican? #immigration #libruhtarian