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Ben Penn
Washington, D.C.
Reporter (labor, with a focus on @USDOL) @BloombergBNA @BloombergLaw. All tweets my own, RTs not endorsements. Cell/signal: 301 928 7214
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.@benjaminpenn: Trump opponents go as low as or worse than Trump: scandal, pr00n stars, p-tapes, calling Trump & his fans names, etc. etc. Their disreputable tactics & obsessions are obviously not enough to keep Trump from bringing home the bacon to the Koch bros.
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.@benjaminpenn: Trump getting kids to work (operating chainsaws) follows Newt & Gary Johnson hyping child labor. Did the usual way Dem operatives in MSM/TPM/HuffPo/etc opposed Newt show his ideas to be bad? If they had, would Trump have done the same? Didn't they fail?