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From @katierogers
Woman who leaked emails to SPLC said: “Miller is the most prominent architect of immigration policy within the Whit…
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From @lalinny1
@katierogers @ToeKneeResist This is falling under the radar due to impeachment hearings.
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From @ToeKneeResist
@lalinny1 @katierogers Yep. But, it’s not going away. It’ll get more traction soon. And then, unfortunately, he’l…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ToeKneeResist: both S. Miller & Trump support amnesty; Trump admitted it yet again a few days ago. The SPLC has deliberately misled at least twice. @katierogers etc are corporate media beholden to billionaires (in her case, Slim). Be a real liberal: oppose amnesty *and* Trump.