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Patrick W
Dad / Husband / Dolphins fan / #SFB8 / #SFB9
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From @therealNFLguru
Drop a gif of the 2019 rookie who you think will take the biggest 2nd-year leap in 2020 #FantasyFootball #NFL100 I…
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From @Patwtweets
@therealNFLguru He doesn't have any gifs in the twitter yet.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Patwtweets @therealNFLguru: kneeball is culturally toxic. Pete Rose is out of MLB Hall for betting on his own team, #NFL100 put someone implicated in a *double murder* in their Hall. It's also a joke of a sport: 30s to 10m between each lame play, players who aren't athletes...