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Multi-faceted Entrepreneur, Registered Nurse & Proud Mama! Oh and sports fan, tennis lover
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CHRIS CUOMO: There's always time to call mom. She wants to hear from you. Just so you know. ANDREW CUOMO: I called…
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From @rumpolesghost1
@RiegerReport @atrupar @CNN Am I the only one that's REALLY uncomfortable with the governor's brother interviewing…
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From @BeachChairNY
@rumpolesghost1 @RiegerReport @atrupar @CNN And yet he challenged him more than ANY FOX interviewer has EVER challe…
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From @rumpolesghost1
@BeachChairNY @RiegerReport @atrupar @CNN Pretty weak standard. These organizations need credibility. Cuomo can c…
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.@rumpolesghost1: @BeachChairNY doesn't tough questions. Watching Kellyanne toy w @ChrisCuomo = watching an orca toy with a sick seal. Tragically, if he'd *really* pressed her on anything she wouldn't have dare monkeywrench the #covid19 response. Cuomo has blood on his hands.