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Former Investment bank guy. Equities, derivatives, pre-paid forwards, structured contracts. Proud speculator and avid student of investment hubris.
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From @ReformedBroker
Twitter has been testing hidden replies - if you're the one who starts a conversation and some a**hole comes along…
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From @ReformedBroker
If you're Twitter and you're trying to understand the secret to why people feel so much more comfortable posting to…
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From @BamaTrader
@ReformedBroker So no more free-form exchange with people that disagree with the construct of a statement made here…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BamaTrader: @ReformedBroker so strongly supports censorship, @thechelleshock RTed him. Both of them would help Trump and other crooked politicians stifle dissent. If someone tweets a Trump official showing them wrong, the official could just put the reply down the memory hole.