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From @TomSteyer
Why we need Congressional term limits, in six words: Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham Chuck Grassley
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From @MeansNefarious
@TomSteyer I live in a state with term limits. They only make everything worse. Also my senator is Sherrod Brown an…
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From @cwescarter1
@MeansNefarious @TomSteyer In my 70 plus years, I’ve found very few politicians who take democracy seriously. Most…
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From @Keitek85
@cwescarter1 @MeansNefarious @TomSteyer IMO a simple solution is put in a rule that you can no longer represent you…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MeansNefarious: USA isn't a democracy. IAC, @TomSteyer completely opposes the U.S. system. He'd silence 10s of millions of voters by cheating via impeachment. He opposes open debate, one of the core USA concepts: he refuses to engage his opponents in debate. He's a totalitarian
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Here's an even simpler solution. Instead of being like @TomSteyer & trying to silence 10s of millions of voters, engage politicians in real debate. MT @Keitek85 IMO a simple solution [re term limits is you're out] if you make 3-5x more than your average constituents income