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Freelance writer. Dramaturg. @Jeopardy contestant. Bunny godparent. ABD PhD @SyracuseEnglish: Shakespeare, celibacy, & asexuality. They/them ♠️ 30
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Congrats to new #Jeopardy champ Lisa Mueller, a Technical Services Librarian aus Naperville, Illinois. Thanks to her I've forgotten all about @ashleymomara.
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Oh no, the thirst messages from randos on Facebook have begun. Former @Jeopardy contestants, is this a universal th…
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Hi. MT @ashleymomara [asexual #Jeopardy contestant on "randos" contacting her no doubt over her sexy layering even though it's never really cold in Culver City] FYI I'm ace as not-f*ck so ya might want to take your chances elsewhere.