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Asha de Vos Ph.D.
the ocean
Founder @OceanswellOrg;@natgeoexplorers; Pew Fellow;@TEDFellow;WEF YGL; Boundary pushing marine biologist; educator; hydrophile; fuelled by curiosity
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They push boundaries. They break glass ceilings. Congratulations to 2018 Pritzker award finalist @ashadevos and P…
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@UCLAIoES @Amivee @NatGeo @Amivee is my team
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By fully buying into & pushing Gramscism, UCLAIoES hurts the very causes they pretend to care about. Thuggishness (e.g., silencing "deniers") will only take them so far, but they can't figure that out. MT @ashadevos [to @UCLAIoES highlights gender of @Amivee] Amivee is my team