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Southwest USA
Contributing Editor@The Technoskeptic. Cover tech and NatSec. Novelist, ex-CIA C/O. Registered (I). Both R + D parties are full of BS. Welcome to the Panopticon
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From @SpyTalker
Trump says he has ‘some very highly qualified people’ to replace Bolton. In the past he’s favored generals who he t…
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From @ArtKeller
@SpyTalker Who is a person of the caliber the position demands who is also willing to abase them self and set fire…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ArtKeller: @SpyTalker calls the latest WaPo blog about Trump's CEO style "brutal". Jeff simply isn't smart enough to figure out - 4+ years later - that such blogs have zero impact. Jeff - like the rest of #TheResistance - still can't figure out how to undercut Trump to his base