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Civil Rights Attorney, Bestselling Author, TV Host, Entrepreneur, CNN Legal Analyst & Autism Advocate|
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S/O ⁦@SpecialNeedsLA⁩ & all parents of kids w #autism and #specialneeds on using your voices to educate on the im…
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From @billbeckwith22
@ArevaMartin @SpecialNeedsLA Why don’t you tweet a PUBLIC apology to @davidwebbshow? If this were in reverse, you’d…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@billbeckwith22: @ArevaMartin enables mass immigration policies that greatly harm #LAUSD. MX's oligarchs educate their people at expense of U.S. citizens. What has @davidwebbshow done besides helped that? Let grifters like Webb fight their own battles until they fight yours.
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From @smerconish
Hope you'll watch an all star lineup w/ me 6pm ET @CNN: @ScottAdamsSays & @davidlitt - @ArevaMartin & @BryanLentz o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@davidlitt: @ScottAdamsSays is a scammer. @smerconish lacks the smarts & patriotism to call him on his BS. Eg, asking him to explain how Trump's huge failures, Trump admitting he made the USA less safe, etc. are 12th Dimensional Chess. #CNN #resist