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Constitutional republic , American dream work hard , support military, support law enforcement , language, borders, culture MAGA❤️❤️
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From @FAIRImmigration
Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Teen Girl Was in DACA Program via @BreitbartTexas @JxhnBinder
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From @AThrowshade
@FAIRImmigration @trumps_feed @BreitbartTexas @JxhnBinder White American millionaire kills 58 people, injures 527.…
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From @alicenmary
@AThrowshade @FAIRImmigration @trumps_feed @BreitbartTexas @JxhnBinder Seriously clueless
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From @AThrowshade
@alicenmary @FAIRImmigration @trumps_feed @BreitbartTexas @JxhnBinder Clueless? I just used the same faulty logic u…
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From @alicenmary
@AThrowshade @FAIRImmigration @trumps_feed @BreitbartTexas @JxhnBinder Here is problem with you there is more than…
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From @AThrowshade
@alicenmary @FAIRImmigration @trumps_feed @BreitbartTexas @JxhnBinder I agree on tightening borders. But the wall i…
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From @kcozzzzz
@AThrowshade @alicenmary @FAIRImmigration @trumps_feed @BreitbartTexas @JxhnBinder You can go up and down with a beautiful huge wall
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kcozzzzz: the powerful forces that've enabled illegal #immigration for decades & that are now blocking funding for Trump Wall will move to tear it down at the first opportunity. We'll have spent billions for nothing. @JxhnBinder can't figure that out. #Breitbart #MAGA