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Neptune Beach, FL
Equality~Planet~☮️pusher~rescue cats~Living w/ #Fshd MuscularDystrophy~ #PRU vetted, Z’s Ma ~TypoQueen~To thine own self be true~BFA BGSU & Ray College-Chicago
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From @Amstrix1
@GOPChairwoman Wrong wrong wrong- human rights, smart strong border, legal asylum process with adequate judges, a p…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
She's lying, but you got taken in by pro-Big Biz Dem talking points. MT @Amstrix1 [to @GOPChairwoman lying about Dems wanting "open borders"] [no, they want] ...a pathway to citizenship for those already working paying taxes and part of the big economy that would fail w/o them
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From @FareedZakaria
Coming up on our Special Report "Saudi Arabia: Kingdom of Secrets," airing now on CNN: My thoughts on the murder of…
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From @Amstrix1
@FareedZakaria This really should’ve been a 2 hour event. There is a lot to dig into. Thank you so much Fareed for doing this!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Amstrix1: it's kinda hard to take "Saudi Arabia: Kingdom of Secrets" by @FareedZakaria seriously when he's showing clips from John Oliver, a deceitful TV comic.