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Andrés Miguel Rondón
Madrid, España
Economist/Political Advisor. Opinion contributor at @washingtonpost, @CaracasChron, @politico, @TheAtlantic and @The_Objective. #Populism and the #FutureofWork.
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.@amrondon: Trump's selling point is helping #MAGA. Show them he won't & many will drop him. Lots of people object to Trump Wall, but only I have pointed out how it would fail. Likewise with his bans & his other wild plans. #TheResistance /MSM/Dems still can't figure that out.
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"Trump’s solutions may be imaginary, but the problems are very real indeed. Populism is and has always been the dau…
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.@amrondon blogs "To beat President Trump, you have to learn to think like his supporters". It's hilarious for various reasons: the fact #TheResistance has to be lectured to understand their opponents, the advice to show #MAGA you care, etc. The real way to undercut Trump is...