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❤ Former Embryo 4 LIFE 🤰🤱❤🙏
#Catholic #Christian #ProLife #PRAY #DefundPP #VoterID #RescuePets #Organic #MAGA Living the good life. I block for vulgarity.
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From @amarcherrunge1
RT @LibertarianBlue: One of @PrisonPlanet's best. "This is a free speech crisis. If you don't think 20 SJWs working at Twitter or Facebook…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@amarcherrunge1: @LibertarianBlue & @PrisonPlanet bear false witness on #Twitter censorship. As the data at my top tweet shows, TWTR censors *all* kinds of users. They're incredibly vulnerable. Allum & PJW *help* Twitter by reducing the opposition to Twitter's censorship.