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up on melancholy hill
get the freak outta here
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From @costareports
Earlier on @Morning_Joe, I asked @realDonaldTrump about his meeting today with African American pastors.
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From @Women4Trump
@costareports @Morning_Joe @realDonaldTrump #AllLivesMatter
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From @TheNoxemaGirl
@Women4Trump @costareports @Morning_Joe @realDonaldTrump yes. even refugees. and immigrants.
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From @Women4Trump
@TheNoxemaGirl Agree. They need to stay in their country. We have enough here we can't take care of.
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From @amandvlynn
@Women4Trump @TheNoxemaGirl I thought all lives mattered? I mean, you literally just said that
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From @Women4Trump
@amandvlynn @TheNoxemaGirl LMAO, so because all lives matter, we need to open our borders? Congratulations. You win dumbest comment EVAH!
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From @amandvlynn
@Women4Trump @TheNoxemaGirl letting refugees in=saving refugee lives. The lives you claim to care about (but you clearly don't)
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From @Women4Trump
@amandvlynn @TheNoxemaGirl we can save 10 refugees in Syria in a safe zone for the same $ as 1 here.This has nothing to do with saving lives
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Women4Trump: did the idiotic @JonFeere "poll" against @neilhimself fail as I told you, or was I wrong for once? #immigration #teaparty