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Amanda Mull
Brooklyn, NY
staff writer at @TheAtlantic. I write Material World, a monthly column on consumerism. Georgia native, Georgia Bulldog.
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From @JohnGHendy
I asked Joe Biden to talk about the way he talks, which is also the way I talk
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From @polizeros
@JohnGHendy @amandamull When I was 21 I went a nationally known stutter therapist. He said he’d had one client in 3…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@polizeros: @JohnGHendy blog on Biden stuttering is great, until you realize this is a grown-up world & Biden wants to be prez. Those like John Hendrickson fluff those like Biden rather than asking him tough policy questions. It's time to put USA first & demand real interviews.