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Alan Abramowitz
Political Scientist, Election Forecaster
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Republicans bemoaning...
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From @vrijmetselaar56
@AlanIAbramowitz @JRubinBlogger The result of becoming a vassal to a would be king whom nobody can control
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.@vrijmetselaar56: what's funny is you claim to have a PhD but you can't figure out how to undercut a simpleton like Trump to his base. If we hosed down this cardboard box some more, could you & @AlanIAbramowitz figure your way out?
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From @placeholderacctignorethis
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.@mostawesomeblog @AlanIAbramowitz: CBO says Senate #immigration bill will lower wages for millions for >10 years. Is that liberal? #OWS #oo
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.@AlanIAbramowitz: even more ways @Gallup deceives & is using their #immigration poll to deceive: #tcot #teaparty