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Andrew Torgerson
St Louis, MO
Epidemiologist, bookworm, curmudgeon. Personal account, all opinions my own.
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From @jeremykohler
We at @stltoday has covered STL Police Foundation breakfasts and luncheons since the org was founded in 2007. But o…
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From @aktorgerson
@jeremykohler @jrosenbaum @stltoday When is kicking out reporters ever a good plan? Is there any faster way to invite scrutiny and bad PR?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@aktorgerson: even if their "journalist" was allowed in the meeting it wouldn't have asked any sort of a tough questions. Another @jeremykohler flack, @valeriehahn, took an obviously-fake Trump pic seriously, only helping Trump. By enabling them, you help Trump & other pols.