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Staff Writer @foreignpolicy. Producer of the I Spy podcast. @dupontawards winner 湮更k堯湮踱儭劾遲唐綾痰綾突返綾
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RT @EliasGroll: .@ak_mack has a history lesson for the Alabama legislature: When Communist-era Romania outlawed abortion outright it result
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.@islivingston: hey Ian, did @ak_mack discuss how many kids who *weren't aborted* are alive today? That would seem to be a key stat that a real reporter - no less one hyped by @EliasGroll - would discuss. Did either of those prized reporters discuss that stat?
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You dont need to look to The Handmaids Tale as an example of what happens when the state controls reproduction. C
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@ak_mack And Hungarians living near the border made a fortune by smuggling contraceptives.
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.@panyiszabolcs: @ak_mack blogs "Romania under Ceausescu created a dystopian horror of overcrowded, filthy orphanages, and thousands died from back-alley abortions." That's horrific, but how many kids alive today weren't aborted? Wouldn't a real journalist mention that?