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A.J. Carrillo
Washington D.C./Denver CO
Social software geek. @rocketfuelinc, @NationBuilder and campaigns around the globe. Candidates+Causes @Centro. Fiat lux #GoBears @Cal
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From @CA_Dem
millionaire candidate Neel Kashkari poses as a homeless person for a week. Concludes people need a safety net. Opposes safety net programs.
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From @ajcarrillo
.@CA_Dem too bad @neelkashkari didn't actually land a job. Then he would learn how hard it is to live on minimum wage. #RaiseTheWage
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@ajcarrillo @CA_Dem: to undercut Kashkari to his base, point out to them how bad he is on #immigration: