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Isabel Hunt
Author of "A Hidden Life" A book about #mentalillness, love & life. Spring 2020! Lived Experience #depression #OCD & #anxiety (sometimes #movies & #TV)
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From @MarkOneinFour
Just thinking we should stop going 'concerns about immigration are legitimate' as if it was some intellectual maste…
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From @ahiddenlife1985
@MarkOneinFour I love when immigrants (i.e. workers) are convenient for a country then all of a sudden not. They're…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ahiddenlife1985: Tyson/Western Growers/Koch/U.S. Chamber/etc only care about their profits. @MarkOneinFour is great for them: he'd help them increase labor supply to lower wages. Mark & them don't care that that increase border deaths, harms US workers, & screws the Third World