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adidas Soccer
adidas America (Portland, OR)
Introducing #Predator 20, 100% unfair.
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From @MLS
1996 ⏩ 2020 Fresh take on an iconic look. Our @adidassoccer EQT kits celebrating the 25th season of MLS. #FORWARD25
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From @alfvebe
@MLS @adidassoccer That’s it... no video about this supposedly awsome release party or anything, no, ok. Thanks fo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@alfvebe: @MLS is like a group of grifter farmers trying to milk out a sick cow. They cut bad TV deals that bring in just enough money, but refuse to take a hit by demanding what soccer in the USA desperately needs: to get on network. And, they let Zlatan & Rooney go.
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From @adidassoccer
Welcome to the family. /// Los Angeles is #HereToCreate
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@adidassoccer: key #soccer games - incl last key #LAGalaxy game - are hidden on channels few get. Only fans know they exist. MLS etc keep selling out to Murdoch & others who make it soccer a specialty sport, harming you & everyone else. Demand MLS get on network/ESPN.