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Will Mari
Baton Rouge, LA
media history/law at LSU! UW Ph.D., fan of tea/coffee/dancing/hiking/journalism. Wrote 'A Short History' of newsroom computerization: RT≠opinion
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From @BrianSlodysko
ICYMI ---> Our scoop on Mayor Pete's visit to a renowned Napa Valley wine cave: Swarovski crystals, $900 cabernet a…
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From @willthewordguy
@BrianSlodysko Nice work sir! You should let @rmoon bad our @ManshipSchool crew w/ @RTMannJr know if you’ll be in i…
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.@willthewordguy: the wine cave billionaire told the NYT he supports Mayor Pete's immigration stance. You should be able to figure out why his wineries would really appreciate Pete lowering wages. Did @BrianSlodysko ask the billionaire about that, or did he just fluff him?