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Manhattan, NY
1447th, 2013 NYC marathon. hello friends and enemies
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NEW: The White House wants all federal agencies to cancel their New York Times and Washington Post subscriptions:
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@AndrewRestuccia So sensitive! How do they make it through the day and not hide under their sheets?
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From @adambstrassberg
@DevinUzan @AndrewRestuccia Those sheets arenโ€™t just for sleeping in
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From @Oh_My_Gloob
@AndrewRestuccia @yashar If I were the @nytmike I'd offer a free 6 month subscription to all federal employees.
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From @HerasmusB
@AndrewRestuccia @yashar Since trump has evinced no desire to educate himself, and he's finding it near impossibleโ€ฆ
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.@Oh_My_Gloob: what's tragic about Trump is that WaPo/NYT constantly deceive, but Trump & his fans can't/won't show them wrong to their readers. As a liberal, you should oppose news sources that constantly deceive, but that's obviously not the case.
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Which officials & Trump fans wear sheets? Do you have a list with evidence? MT @adambstrassberg [cheap, soul-destroying, childish joke about "sheets"]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You sound college educated. Has anyone in #TheResistance evinced any desire to understand Trump's appeal & undercut it? List some specific examples: MT @HerasmusB Since trump has evinced no desire to educate himself...