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News junkie; #military family USAF/USMC; Scot/Cherokee; #2A #BAMA 🐘🌊🅰️🏈🏆⚾❤ #RollTide🅰️; #NHLCanes ⚫🔴🏒; love my beach🏊🐬🌞, O'Keeffe paintings, 🐶🐼
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From @JxhnBinder
Trump’s Compromise Bill: Border Wall Prototypes Banned, Only Bollard Fencing Allowed
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From @RoKeT_gal
@JxhnBinder @kausmickey Deep-six the whole deal then & eff the wall (for now). @POTUS @GOP should take all the mone…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RoKeT_gal: all @JxhnBinder, @kausmickey, & Trump have ever had to do was make arguments that undercut the Dem base to their leaders. That's what would finally stop amnesty. Have Binder, Kaus, Trump, Coulter, etc done that or have they just used immigration for personal gain?
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From @kausmickey
I don't think you need to invoke Alinsky to explain it. It's a mental imperative--like when a car cuts you off. You…
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From @RoKeT_gal
@kausmickey Fine. Then @GOP must roll out a take-no-prisoners grinding comms machine blaming Democrats for each & e…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RoKeT_gal: #GOP leaders have always supported amnesty: they've captive to Big Biz. The real problem lies with grifters like Coulter & the Venice dumpster diver, @kausmickey. They enabled Trump every step of the way rather than trying to nudge him away from amnesty.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RoKeT_gal: the solution to illegal immigration & amnesty is simple: just turn enough of the Dem base against it. That'll make Pelosi etc back off amnesty. @kausmickey, Coulter, & the other scammers refuse to help with that even tho it'd work. Ask why they won't even try it.