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Adam Majkowski
Earth 1.3178754637
Bio: ⚡️#antislaverymilitia ⚡️#frequencydeniers ⚡️Believe your eyes and react.
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From @nedsegal
Thanks @jchatterleyCNN for having me on to talk about @Twitter's work on @cnn this morning!
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@nedsegal @TwitterIR @jchatterleyCNN @Twitter @CNN Explains the $twtr stock price drop today! Every time @nedsegal…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@B_HODDY @Adam_Majk: @nedsegal heavily censors millions around the world, everyone from those replying to Mike Trout to Iranian & Russian dissidents. See the real, reproducible data at my pinned tweet. Eventually someone's going to cover that & $TWTR will plummet.