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Robin Abcarian
Spiritual home = Berkeley
2019 is going to be better.
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.@AbcarianLAT: On the campaign trail, Kamala Harris tries on a sequined jacket, and men go nuts
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From @klainereunited
@ccadelago @AbcarianLAT Wait to until they hear she was there to support a business owned by a woman who helps other women.
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.@klainereunited: @ccadelago hypes the @AbcarianLAT blog about Kamala's "sequined jacket". It's that type of "reporting" that helped elect Trump. Neither are real reporters. Real reporters hold pols accountable, like on how Kamala helped get Tony Bologna & his sons killed.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AbcarianLAT blogs "Was I the only one who shuddered at Brett Kavanaugh's belligerent comments about beer?" Res ipsa applies. Are you smart enough to see the questionable aspects in Blasey Ford's claims, or are you so dim & inflexible you can't figure them out?